Company Profile

Sephia is a brand of Betron Ltd is a small-mid size London based UK company. Betron Ltd manufactures, supplies and exports electronic components and accessories and devices for home and office use mainly in portable sound &audio category under trademark registered Sephia brand, We have a wide range of electronic components and kits for music& sport enthusiasts, students, party lovers and e-book readers.

We have been successfully developing producing and selling audio& sound devices especially in-ear earphones, over headphones, bluetooth earphones, bluetootheadphones and bluetooh and non- bluetooth speakers.

Apart from Portable Sound &Audio , we also design and develop new products in Mobile Phone Charger Category as well as TV& Video Accessories such as Apple Licensed MFI Lightgning Cables for Apple products, wall and desktop chargers, high Quality HDMI Switchers, Cables.

Over the past 5 Years Sephia has adapted high-quality-low price policy on its products and we strive to prove that high quality can be affordable. Tens of Thousands product reviews and feedbacks are true testimony of our success.

Our postage & packing price is amongst the lowest in the UK (mostly free of charge) We don’t charge a premium for small orders like earphones, HDMI Adapters, USB Card Readers.

Sephia Electronics welcome feedback from our customers and we will try to assist you in any way we can. In this way we always improve the quality of products and services that we provide.

Sephia Electronics is an online order company only, and as such we do have all the facilities for internet shoppers.

Product Innovation

When deciding development strategies we focus on usefulness, timesaving capabilities and customer reviews and feedback.

Since its inception Sephia Electronics has increased its Research and Development budget annually indeed, almost exponentially in recent years! Product innovation backed by highly skilled dedicated professionals. Our development team is one of our primary strengths which has allowed Sephia Electronics to grow into one of the top earphones, headphones and Bluetooth speaker producers.

Continuous Development

Unlike some products on the market today our policy is, and always has been, one of continuous development on features that reduce the time to market for our customers. Typically, we release three to four new products per year with major functional enhancements in addition to maintenance and minor releases as required. This focus on development makes us more dynamic as a company and allows us the flexibility to provide both new functionality and different variety of product releases to the customer more frequently.

Customer Care

We believe that customer care is a keystone of our success. Our technical and customers support team is easily accessible via email for our customers and our support stuff are all fully experienced. Direct channels exist to team allowing us to provide quick and comprehensive responses to even the most complex problems that you may face during using any of our products.