• Slim Design: Ideal for day to day use, the slim and lightweight design of these headphones is perfect for the daily commute; Easy to carry and able to provide hours of supreme comfort, you can enjoy your favorite tracks in style.
  • Impressive Sound: Featuring large 40mm drivers built for delivering premium sound quality, the bass-driven acoustics of these earphones are sure to impress; No matter your taste in music, intense bass and acoustics are yours for the taking.
  • Adjustable: Equipped with a slim, easily adjustable headband, these over ear headphones can be tailored to fit virtually all head shapes; Easy to operate, the smooth adjustment mechanism will never get jammed or stuck
  • Versatile: Connectable to virtually any device with a 3;5mm headphone jack, these earphones can be used alongside a variety of devices; Whether listening to albums or watching movies, this set is incredibly versatile
  • Maximum Comfort: Both earpads have been specifically designed to be ultra thick, never to deflate or burst over time; Providing all day comfort for prolonged use, you can wear these headphones daily with ease

Say Goodbye to Bulky, Heavy Sets And Hello to Slim, Lightweight Headphones With Powerful Sound Quality!

If youre looking for a lightweight yet performance-focused set of headphones built to stand the test of time, the Sephia KH684 earphones are sure to impress. Super slim yet offering great durability, this set has been expertly designed with daily use in mind.

Providing the Perfect Fit

Slim, lightweight and comfort-focused, you can be rest assured to experience an all-day comfortable feeling when using these headphones. Featuring a smooth adjustable headband designed to fit virtually all head shapes and sizes, this set also boasts ultra-thick ear pads for maximum cushioning. Built to never burst or deflate regardless of long-term use, these earphones will last for years of prolonged activity.

Powerful Sound Quality

Built to unleash intense bass and crisp acoustics, you can enjoy your favorite tracks to the full no matter your taste in music. Featuring 40mm dynamic drivers for enhanced power, the bass-driven sound youll experience with these headphones will stand the test of time.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

Whether you want to watch movies via your laptop or listen to music from your phone during your morning commute, these headphones are compatible with a huge range of devices. Complete with a standard 3.5mm audio connector, you can use these headphones alongside multiple tablets, laptops and smartphones from an array of different brands.

Well Designed & Durable

Well Designed and durable for trouble free use. Our tests show this all NEW modern headphone design will last for years of intense use. You can plan on enjoying this set for a very long time when used properly.