• Microfibre cloths are made of the optimum combination of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide which is scientifically proven to leave precious glass surfaces completely free of smudges and marks with just a quick wipe, no liquids required.
  • Cloths included measure 30cm x 30cm which are ideal for your iPad, tablet, smartphone, spectacles, sunglasses, laptop, camera lens, smart TV and all precious glass surfaces
  • Cleaning cloths have been specifically developed for the gentle and effective cleaning of glass and plastic glasses , spectacles (particularly effective for high quality, coated precision lenses
  • One wipe with the high quality, microfibre tissue will remove fingerprints and smudges from daily use, and will not leave any scratches, streaks or residue
  • Can be used at the office, home, work place and even for industrial or professional uses. As these tiny microfibres work hard for you collecting dirt from any surface

EAN: 5060264026500

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Scratch free, lint free and super-absorbent .

Great for absorbing moisture, lifting dirt, dust and grime and polishing bodywork. Suitable for use on vehicles, glass and metals. Machine washable, providing you with super cleaning results over and over again

Engineered to clean, you won’t find any loose threads or coarse edges. Soft, durable and effective, they’re safe to use on your delicate screens and lenses. Microfibre cloths protect what you care about at home, in the car, or at work. Use it to clean eyeglasses, smart phones, camera lenses, jewellery, glassware, mirrors, anything you want to keep Like New, Every Day.

Fibres 200x thinner than human hair trap, oil, fingerprints, dirt, dust, and smudges without using liquid cleaners. Clean your objects, faster and better.

  • Ultra-fine fibres absorb and gently lift away fingerprints, oil smudges, dust, and dirt
  • Sized to fit easily in camera bags, eyeglass cases, tablet cases, laptop sleeves
  • Lint-free, streak-free and scratch free cleaning
  • Saw-tooth pattern and fused edges prevent frayed edges and loose strings
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can absorb and trap the dirt from the screens and delicate surfaces effectively, and returning them clean and clear.
  • With its own neatly package and handy size, easy to carry and store. It’s convenient for you to have one in anywhere you would need it and keeping clear and organised until you use it.

Scratch free
Ultra-fine fibres absorb and gently lift away fingerprints, oil smudges, dust, and dirt