specially designed for Running and active Sports

Unlike other headsets, SL99 is completely sweat proof so you can carry music with you in sunshine and in rain.


The Sephia SL99 Wireless Sports Headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smart phones and designed for a variety of intense sports such as running, weight-training, biking, skiing and many more.

Look good and feel great

Look good and feel great at the gym or out running with these bluetooth headphones. These headphones combine the latest technology with an ergonomic finish that actually works....earphones that stay in your ears.

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Extra Boost of energy during your workout

The headphones are designed to direct excellent audio sound straight into your ears giving you that extra boast of energy during your workout.



Sweat-proof, lightweight & wireless

The SM23 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth headphones will energise your workout with full, balanced sound whilst remaining comfortably in place during even the most vigorous exercises

Focused Sound

With Sephia's signature touch, you'll get a broad soundscape with deep and natural lows that engulf your senses. Also, the brand's volume-optimised EQ keeps the sound crisp no matter how loud you play it. So, there'll be no limits to your playlist.

Intensely Stable

Even during the most intense exercise regimes, the earbuds will conform securely and comfortably to your ear shape so they'll never leave your side. The bluetooth earphones are even sweat-and weather-resistance so they are ideal for wearing indoors or out.

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100% stable and comfortable wearing

With their Bluetooth function, your work out will be wire-free too. This way, no pesky cable will hold you back.