• Stylish And Comfortable: No more wires, these wireless earphones are both sleek and efficient; Featuring soft on ear headphone soundbarcushions and a faux leather headband, you’re sure to experience all day comfort
  • Superior Sound: Equipped with a built-in 40mm dynamic driving unit, this wireless headphone set guarantees crisp, enhanced sound; Designed to feel like a live concert, you can experience your favorite tracks like never before
  • Adaptable: Whilst easily connectable to a range of devices via Bluetooth, you can use this wireless headset both wired or wirelessly; Compatible with multiple Apple iPhone devices, Samsung smartphones, MP3 players and gaming devices.
  • Control Buttons: Allowing you to adjust volume, skip tracks and take calls, these wireless earphones are impressively multi functional. Accessible via simple buttons on ear cups, you can complete multiple activities with a simple button tap
  • Travel Friendly: As both ear cups are easily foldable, this Bluetooth headphone set is super simple to store and carry around. Ideal for travel and hugely versatile, you can enjoy your favourite music at any moment

EAN: 5060264025473 | RRP: £29.99

Transport Your Music to Brand-New Levels With the Sephia SX16 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Expertly crafted to provide truly outstanding audio quality without compromising on practicality or style, the Sephia SX16 headphones are a real force to be reckoned with. Incredibly user-friendly and guaranteed to enhance any genre of music, you can truly immerse yourself in your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere.

Outstanding Audio Quality

Featuring 40mm HD driver units for all-round sound power and clarity, the audio quality of these headphones is certain to impress. Producing sound akin to that of a live concert, youll experience truly enhanced versions of your favorite songs, with a range of crisp frequencies and powerful bass throughout. No matter which genre you choose, impressive stereo sound is yours for the taking!

Comfortable And Foldable

Featuring an adjustable faux leather headband accompanied by super soft ear cushions, the lightweight yet sturdy nature of these headphones guarantees all-day comfort. And as both ear caps are foldable, you can easily store these earphones or take them virtually anywhere with ease.

Wireless With Control Buttons

Easily connectable to a range of compatible devices via Bluetooth, these headphones completely eliminate the frustration of tangled wires. Paired within minutes, you can begin enjoying your favorite tracks almost immediately.

And as these earphones feature discreet control buttons alongside a built-in microphone, you can adjust your music and take calls completely hands-free! Also equipped with an optional 3.5mm audio connector, you can still experience the full potential of these headphones when battery is running low.

Bluetooth Headphones
Liberating Bluetooth

Cut the wiredconnection for a wonderful wireless listen. Linking seamlessly with Bluetooth devices you can enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, radio, or whatever you like with liberating wireless freedom. Charging via USB they’ll keep going for up to 10 hours of listening so will last all day and night.

Suits Your Needs

A built in mic lets you take your phone calls as you go, and they’re designed to keep you enjoying music day and night, with super-comfortable ear-cups and a long-lasting battery.

Control Buttons

The ear cups have built-in buttons and microphone so you can control playback, adjust volume and take calls with a simple tap of the headphones.

Luxury construction

Soft ear cushions and a faux leather headband create the kind of comfort that lets you listen for hours.

Feel the Comfort
Soft, close-fitting ear cups are designed to provide a luxurious and immersive music experience, even over a long listen.

Dynamic Audio Drivers
Low frequencies are powerful and weighty in their delivery, whilst high ranges are conveyed with more emphasis and impact, offering a broader range of dynamics thanks to the 40mm High-Resolution compatible HD driver units.

Premium & Lightweight
Get all-day comfort with the luxurious headband and ear cushions. Constructed from premium materials throughout, they’re lightweight but strong, and built for extremely comfortable wear, even over long listening sessions.

Handy Folding Design
The folding ear-cups for easy storage and travel.

Sephia Sound
Enjoy Sephia sound quality with high quality drivers for dynamic, crisp and detailed audio.

3.5mm Audio Cable
No charge, no problem. With the provided 3.5mmm standard audio connector, you can keep listening music, without any use of power.

User Manual
A user manual for instructions and tips to improve user experience.

Micro USB Charging Lead
You can charge your Sephia SX16 on any USB power outlet using the USB cable provided with your headphones.

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
Frequency Coverage: 2.402GHZ~2.480GHZ ISM Band
Sensitivity: -80dbm
Channel: 79 Channels of 1Mhz BW
Contact Terms: Point-to-Point
Transmit Range: 8-10m
Frequency Response: 50HZ-20KHZ
S / N Rate: 80db>
Speaker Diameter: 2*40mm
Status Indication: LED Indicator
Pairing Products: Bluetooth Enabled Host Devices
Battery: Lithium-ion. 3.7V 300mA
Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
Charge Power: USB 5V
Operating Hours: Up to 10 Hours