The rejuvenated noise-isolating SP2040 earphones sport bolder aesthetics and more refined acoustic tuning. The precise Balanced neodymium magnet driver is coupled with acoustic grille design to bring you detailed and smooth audio response complemented by punchy bass; leading to an overall warmer and fuller presentation suitable for a wide genre of music and vocals. The SP2040's ultra-comfortable fitting and superb noise-isolation remains unmatched, offering blissful audio. Styled with a more contemporary look, the SP2040 noise-isolating earphones can tame any track with elegance. Savour a redefined level of sonic excellence!


Precise Balanced neodymium magnet driver with acoustic grille design allows for a smoother and more detailed sonic presentation with punchy bass. Hear your music come to life, adding realism to your listening pleasures.


SP2040 in-ear design offers superb noise-isolation of up to 80%. Ambient noises such as those from airplanes or train engines are significantly reduced so that you can enjoy your favorite tune in peace.

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Tangle Free Cable

Enjoy superior and fuss-free music listening with the reinforced, tangle-free cables that reduce unwanted contact noises and the gold-plated plug that offers a high-grade connection.