• Supreme Sound: Providing the perfect balance of optimum frequency response and audio power, Sp1050vc earbud earphones produce premium sound across all genres of music; Crisp and clear, these in ear headphones deliver incredible performance
  • Built In Microphone; Headphones come with built in microphone and volume control; Take and make calls anywhere and have control over your audio volume and music; Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Devices, Tablets (earphone adapter not included)
  • Custom Comfort; Get set to enjoy long hours of music in comfort; The shape and size of the ear buds has been optimised to give a perfect fit and long lasting comfort, and they come with earbuds in various sizes so you can find the best fit for you
  • Versatile: Compatible with virtually any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, these earbuds are hugely versatile; Suitable for many branded smartphones, tablets, laptops and MP3 players, these earphones are perfect for daily use.
  • Noise Isolating with Powerful Bass; The sound of these in ear earphones is well balanced across the spectrum, the bass is deep, powerful and a delivers a clear sound.; Ergonomically designed ear tips means ambient noise is also reduced.

EAN: 5060264026128 | RRP: £17.99

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Elevate Your Listening Experience To New Levels With the Sephia SP1050VC Earphones

Expertly crafted to provide truly outstanding audio quality, the Sephia SP1050VC earphones are incredibly user friendly and enhance any genre of music. You can truly immerse yourself in your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere.

Outstanding Audio Without Background Noise

Indulge in all your favorite tunes without the noise. The in ear design effectively blocks out external ambient noise to enhance your listening experience, while achieving optimum music playback. Enjoy crystal clear, top audio performance with surging bass.

Premium Sound Quality

Designed to deliver deep bass with balanced tones for all music playback, the SP1050 earphones produce powerful and balanced sound. The in ear design retains the music freedom so you can stay on track without getting distracted

Compact And User Friendly

Easy to slip in your pocket or backpack, these earbuds also offer greater protection from sweat and water. Metal material makes the SP1050 more fashionable and solid. The earphones also let you control music and video playback, answer and end calls.

Experience superior and fuss free music listening with the extra durable cable that provides a flexible fit to ensure all day comfort. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 Players, Samsung Smartphones, Tablets and more.

Remote Controls for Maximum Convenience

Complete with a useful built-in control set including a microphone and volume buttons, these headphones are truly multifunctional. Allowing you to both answer and hang-up calls, adjust sound volume and even skip, pause and play tracks, you can achieve many qualities without having to even touch the device your earphones are connected to – ideal when working out!

Comfortable Fit Every Time and Perfect for Travel

Noise Isolating Earbuds
The ergonomic in-ear design isolates ambient noise

Custom Comfort The shape and size of the headphones has been optimized to give a perfect fit and long-lasting comfort, and they come with ear adapters in various sizes so you can find the best fit for you.

Lose Yourself In Music The adapters also provide effective noise isolation so you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your music.

Noise Isolation Noise isolation does not make use of any power or electronics to block out surrounding noise. Rather, it employs the choice of optimum construction materials and an ergonomic design to block out as much noise as possible from entering the ear. Think of it as sound-proofing for your ears.

9mm Audio Driver with neodymium magnet

Thanks to 9mm neodymium magnet drivers these unique headphones are supremely powerful and are capable of producing top grade, punchy, bass boosted sound, that is normally only associated with far larger and more expensive headphones.

Built-in Microphone and Contoller
SP1050 Volume Control Comes with an inline microphone and volume controller which allows you to answer or hang up the phone calls. The controller unit is a perfect remote for your music player application. You can skip previous or next track, start and stop the music without touching your phone.

Neodymium Drivers
With built-in 9mm neodymium drivers, these earphones give a powerful musical performance every time. Frequencies are controlled to highlight the bass and tone of each song and no matter what volume setting you choose, the sound quality is never compromised.

In-line Remote And Mic
With a built-in microphone and volume controller on the earphone cord, you can take hands-free calls from your Android or IOS devices.

Gold Plated Connector
Gold plating is used on connectors and switch contacts for a good reason – to reduce the possibility of corrosion which could cause signal loss and non linearity in analog connections.

Noise isolating in ear headphones
Noise isolating in-ear wired earbud headphones