• Sephia 7oz screen cleaner can be used on a range of different screens without damaging the surface, and leaves them crystal clear
  • Effective for all electronic screen cleaning purposes. Safe for tablet, laptop, smart phone, digital screen, computer monitor, car touch screens
  • Soft microfibre cloths, effectively wipes away oil smudges, fingerprints, dust, and dirt; lint-free and streak-free performance
  • Does not harm the coating of your screen and Anti static;
  • Screen cleaner formula is fast drying and smear free. To use simply spray onto the microfibre cloth and use the cloth to wipe your screen clean

EAN: 5060264026449 | RRP: £12.99

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Easily clean your portable device screen

Use this safe and effective cleaning fluid with its special microfibre cloth to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from your portable devices’ screens. Its anti-static formula will help to repel dust.

Enjoy a spotless screen with this streak-free cleaning kit, specially designed not to leave any kind of residue on your screen.

Safely and thoroughly clean your touchscreen with this lint-free microfibre cloth, designed to eliminate fingerprints, dirt and smudges.

Handy little product. Not only computer screens but your TV’s , smart phones, tablets etc.

Screen Cleaner

  • The set includes cleaning spray, microfibre cloth and cleaning brush.
  • LCD display cleaning kit – ideal for TV, notebook, camera, mobile phone, etc.
  • Cleans and removes dirt, fingerprints and dirt from most LCD surfaces.
  • Soft brush supplied with this kit gently removes excess dust and dirt without scratching it.
  • Microfibre cloth cleans, cares, dries and polishes for a clear, non-streaky finish.

Ultra Soft Microfibre Cloths

  • Made of incredibly soft microfibres which are 1/5th the diameter of human hair and are safe to use on your most treasured possessions- No risk of scratches
  • These soft cloths are a great choice to wipe small electronic screens, glasses, camera lenses, smartphones, tablets, and LCD screens.

2x Microfibre Cloths
The Microfibre towel is essentially made of microscopic fibres that have been split up to a consistency, that is finer than silk. These fibres are all separate from each other, and function individually, allowing them to easily clean most surfaces while retaining a high amount of cleaner liquid

7oz ( 200ml) Cleaning Liquid
The Sephia Screen cleaner kit has been designed to safely clean all surfaces including Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, TFT, HD TVs, Plasma TVs, Touchscreens, Smartphones, Tablets, Keyboards and E-readers. It comes in a 200ml bottle

Soft Dust Brush
The brush head is made of fluffy, soft and anti-static material, can reach tiny gaps, sweep away dust breezily

Microfibre Cloths
You can use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt without worrying about any damaging marks.

How to use screen cleaner on your devices

  1. Power down the monitor and unplug the device to avoid damage, if it’s warm, allow to cool down
  2. Remove dust with the soft dust brush in the corners
  3. Use the microfibre cloth provided to gently wipe any loose dust from the surface
  4. Apply a few sprays of cleaning solution to the cloth (not the screen) and gently wipe until clean
  5. Reverse the cloth and wipe over. Using the reverse of the cloth makes sure you don’t spread the trapped dirt you just removed. Shake the cloth after use to remove the dust.