• Enjoy a spotless screen with this streak-free cleaning fluid, specially formulated not to leave any kind of residue on your screen
  • For use on a variety of screens including Smart TV’s, TFT and LCD. Use with an microfiber cloth for optimal results on your screens
  • Non-smearing cleaner and cloth for cleaning device screens, Safe for screens, lenses, mirrors, glasses and more
  • Sephia screen cleaning kit gives your device that out of box experience and quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and all other debris from your screens
  • The screen cleaner kit includes 100 ml anti-static spray, a scratch-free Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth and a specially-designed Keyboard Brush

EAN: 5060264026432 | RRP: £9.99

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Screen Cleaning Pack is ideal for cleaning most large electronics, including flatscreen TVs and computer screens. Fine screen cleaner spray containing de-ionised water and a large antistatic cloth remove fingerprints, grease, with just one wipe, every time.

We think cleaning should be pure and simple.

Set includes an Anti-Static Glass Cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, tablets and computer screens, a microfibre cleaning cloth and a dust brush all packed in a cartoon packaging

Screen Cleaning Kit
This Cleaning Kit is ideal for LCD Screens, Desktop Screens, Plasma TV Screens, Smart phones and Tablets. It can also be used on Desktop PCs, Macs, Laptops and Netbooks. The LCD Screen Cleaning Kit includes 100 ml Anti-Static fluid, a scratch-free Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth and a specially-designed Keyboard Brush. Enjoy clearer, sharper images on your screens and devices to improve your viewing experience, particularly on modern HD and other high resolution screens.

Soft Microfibre Cloths
These microfibre cloths are for general-use wiping as they have better absorbency and more scrubbing power than cotton cloths. Traps dirt and moisture leaving surfaces clean, dry and polished. High grade quality, edge strengthening, shape retaining cloth

Microfibre Cloths
Durable knitted textile cloths, excellent absorbency and spillage pick up, cleans away dirt quickly and easily.

100ml ( 3.4oz ) cleaning liquid

  • Anti-Static LCD, LED, Plasma TV Cleaner Spray cleans and eliminates static charge that attracts dirt and dust.
  • Removes finger-marks and leaves TV’s, tablets, smartphones cleaner for longer
  • Safe to use around family and pets

Mini Anti Static Duster

  • Fine plastic strands statically attract dust
  • Light weight and easy to use with your laptop notebook
  • Ideal for cleaning keyboard computers and projectors
  • Washable using mild soap and warm water

2x Microfibre cloth

  • Ultra-fine Lint Free Microfibre technology to prevent surface scratches, ideal for home, motoring, industrial and commercial uses
  • Made from premium quality fabric these microfibre cleaning cloths have a soft, plush touch, highly absorbent and they can quickly and easily remove dust, water, smudges

How to use the Screen Cleaning Kit

  1. Shut down your device. Not only is it safer, but having a blank screen can help you see dust.
  2. Spray the Microfibre cloth 3-4 times. Spraying the cloth makes sure the liquid does not run down the surface and reduces the amount needed ( do not directly spray to your screen)
  3. Gently wipe the screen, Making sure to go right into the corners, gently wipe over the surface and spread the solution across the screen
  4. Reverse the cloth and wipe over, Using the reverse of the cloth makes sure you don’t spread the trapped dirt you just removed. Shake the cloth after use to remove the dust